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Monday, November 6, 2017

CT TAGS ~ Sad Sad Autumn

Autumn is sometimes considered to be a "sad" season; as summer's warm and carefree days turn to chill with occasional rain and bright sunshine dims with the shift towards winter.  This is the theme of Chili's kit "Sad Sad Autumn", which uses a unique palette of slate, pewter and black, with accents of porcelain, cream and smoky blues. This kit is ONLY available in the Sad Autumn Store Collab, which includes this kit AND many other awesome items here.

Below are example tags showing use of the kit.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


NOTE: you MAY link to this tut. you MAY print it out for later use offline. you MAY NOT claim it as yours or take anything else from it. this tutorial is ©Ruby/Stormlight, written November 4, 2017.

Supplies needed:
-- PSP
-- main tube of choice.   I am using "Gothika" by Lysisange.  You can purchase her here.

-- scrap kit of choice with scenic papers included.   I am using a matching kit by Lil Mz's Brainstorms, which you can get here.
-- mask of choice.  I am using a mask by Simone.
-- Jazzy's basic drop shadow setting of 2, 2, 50, 3 and color black.
-- the plugins Mura Meister Copies and .
-- font of choice.  I am using Diploma.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

CT TAGS ~ Lapa

NataliaNZ's lovely "Lapa" is a perfect tube for your collection to use in your casual autumn tag designs.  She's dressed in a warm orange sweater, dark jeans and simple jewelry, and holding a "clover" style leaf.  She goes well with a variety of autumn scrap kits or use her against a backdrop photo of the autumn colors in your area!

All of Natalia's tubes come in a nice large size for use in full body size or as a close up head shot.  Lapa is available for purchase at the following stores:  

Scrap and Tubes
Daelman's Design

Below are some tag examples showing use of the tube.

BLOG TRAIN ~ Highland Winter

Hopped on the Pampered Pups Blog Train and November's theme was Highland Winter, with a palette I could not resist trying out.  I have created for you a great set of eight papers.  they are both PU and CU allowed, and I'd love to see what you do with them.

And don't miss all of the other great stops on this train!


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

CT TAGS ~ Crossbones

Be stylish this Dia de los Muertos with GraphFreaks' great new pack, Crossbones and bonus tube Candy!  Crossbones is a cute blonde in a skeleton-patterned minidress and thigh-high stockings and boots, while bonus tube Candy is dressed in a dark blue dress and a lovely facial design of basic black and white, allowing her bright blue eyes to shine.  These tubes are great for Halloween and Day of the Dead both.

Each girl comes in a full size tube with two closeups (half size and face), perfect for whatever Day of the Dead designs you can conjure up.  You can purchase the tube pack here.

Below are tag designs showing the use of the tubes.